Unlock up to 40% in group savings when you travel together.

FriendFund sends you on vacation the smart way, by automating your savings.

Instant group discounts with zero stress or fees, included free of charge.

FriendFund turns your everyday spending into savings
for unforgettable adventures.

Save money for travel every time you swipe your card.
When you book travel through FriendFund, you get exclusive group discounts and a dedicated travel agent.
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People just like you have made it.
No fees, no penalties, no obligations
You're in control of your money and data
Serious Data Protection Quality
All transaction data and user information is secured using Plaid and Stripe. FriendFund never sees your banking details so your data is always safe.

Zero fees
We understand your need for flexibility and don't limit how you use your Travel Fund. Put money in and take money out at any time without worrying about costly penalties.
Happy-to-help Support
Check out our help center or send an email to support and we'll get back to you ASAP.
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