About us
My name is Rick James(!) Chatas and I want to personally thank you for visiting FriendFund. We've set out to build the most innovative group travel platform out there, and I can't emphasize enough how important your help and feedback is to our success. Feel free to have a look around and email [email protected] with any questions or comments. Thanks for your support!
Rick James! Chatas
After over a decade of work at Apple, Square, Airbnb and Pinterest – applying my skills to an app that makes life-changing travel possible is my way of giving back.
Julia Carter
After living in South America & Europe and a career in the global banking industry, I lead the relaunch and expansion of a generations-old family-run agency. I now specialize in custom luxury and adventure itineraries.
What IS FriendFund?
FriendFund puts everyday spending toward once in a lifetime group travel experiences. Browse expertly-curated group trips, pick where you want to go, and start saving by rounding up everyday purchases with a securely-linked bank account. Invite friends along, and book when everyone's funded! We'll help you get there with goal reminders, special incentives and the lowest group rates around.
How it works
Browse our custom feed of expertly-curated group travel packages. As soon as you're ready, select your trip and head to the next step.
We make group travel easy. You'll link your bank account to your trip and we'll help you save up over time with transaction Roundups.
Once you have enough Roundups, you'll be connected with your trip operator and be on your way! It's simple to save and see your friends.
How we got here
It's my belief that life's biggest rewards combine experiences, core interests and expanding social circles into once in a lifetime memories. Figuring out how to make those moments happen is where FriendFund was born.
Last summer I left the Bay Area and began learning about location independence and how to freelance while traveling. I came to realize that experiences carried more value than a desk job and I was eager to find others with similar evolving interests. Luckily, I found several co-living groups and began exploring life 'on the go' with other entrepreneur designers, engineers and independent business owner travelers. During one of these trips, I met Julia Carter, who is now a co-founder.
Moving forward
We finished wireframes and a first round of visual design in January. By mid February, we were working on branding and planning our engineering roadmap. Throughout March and April, we've been refining our iOS and Android beta and finally – we're ready to share it with you.
Lastly, we're relying on our network, friends, visitors and guests to spread the word and help out in any way they can. Do you know someone we should meet? Can you help us with fundraising? Can we pitch at your next event? Interested in joining our team at some point in the future?
Made all over the world
Feel free to write and call us. We'd love to hear from you.
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