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Answers to the most frequently asked questions about FriendFund from our expert staff.
General Topics
Ok, so what is FriendFund?
FriendFund is a group travel platform that takes users from inspiration to destination by turning everyday spending into savings for once in a lifetime trips. We do this by curating a feed of unique travel experiences, encouraging group travel among social circles, and building money for travel into any budget. Our native iOS and Android app partners with providers worldwide to offer one of a kind trips at the best group rates available.
How does FriendFund work?
Browse expertly-curated group trips, pick where you want to go, and start saving by rounding up everyday purchases with a securely-linked bank account. Invite friends along, and book when everyone's funded! We'll help you get there with goal reminders, special incentives and the lowest group rates around.

No deposits. No deadlines. No drop outs.
Save at your own pace, book when you're ready.
Travel the world with family and friends - or meet someone new.
How much does FriendFund cost?
The FriendFund app is free to download on iOS in the App Store.

There is no fee to use the smart saving feature. You can even withdraw your full amount before you trip is fully funded without penalty.
Are there discounts or promo codes?
We do offer promotions and discounts throughout the year! You can check here for our current promotions or you can sign up for our mailing list to be notified when we are offering promos and other exciting news.
Can I purchase a FriendFund gift card?
To purchase a gift card for someone to add to their savings account contact us.
Trip Related
Can I gift or transfer a trip to someone else?
Not at this time. We love new feature requests! Send us an email:

[email protected]
Is there a guide on the trips?
Depending on the size of your group, you may have a dedicated guide for the entirety of the trip. If relevant, the trip details will specify the amount of travelers for a guided trip.
Why don't I just save on my own and use a travel website to book our trip?
FriendFund offers automatic saving and group discounts with one click. We also take the hassle out of collecting everyone's money for the trip. You could do it all yourself or we can do the leg work for you.

Simply pick a destination, invite your friends and start saving!
Who books the trips?
You do! I think this means, who is the trip provider? FriendFund currently works with three top-rated trip providers for each itinerary. For more information about the providers, please contact us.
Is travel insurance available?
Yes! You will be prompted to opt-in to our travel insurance provided by our trip providers.
How much is the travel insurance.
Travel insurance is priced according to the specifics of the trips. If you have a specific trip that you are interested in learning about please contact us for more information.
What if there's a problem during my trip?
As soon as you book your trip, you will receive the information regarding your local point of contact as well all relevant emergency contact numbers. You will also have access to text and email support from FriendFund.

If you are currently having an issue on your trip please contact us immediately!
Can I get a refund on a trip that has had weather issues?
No, unfortunately we do not refund for inclement weather during your trip.
Are the trips safe?
The trips are very safe. As with any trip to another country, it's in your best interest act safe, follow instructions, and be aware of your surroundings.

The level of activity is described in detail on the itinerary, should you have medical concerns or limitations. Please contact us with any concerns you may have before departing for your trip.
Are flights included?
Flights are not included unless otherwise stated in the trip itinerary.
How/when do I book a flight/s for a trip?
Book your flights only after your trip is fully funded and you have a confirmation of the dates from the tour operator. You can book your flights on any major airline online or by calling them directly.
Smart Savings
Is there a fee or penalty to withdraw my money?
There is no fee or penalty while funding; you can withdraw money at any time throughout the funding process whenever you'd like. Once your trip is 100% funded, you will be receive an email from us asking if you're ready to book. If so, we'll provide you with simple electronic booking forms to be completed to finalize arrangements for your travel dates. These forms will specify the specific cancellation policies associated with your trip. Once the electronic booking forms have been submitted and your trip is confirmed, a penalty as per the cancellation policy will apply to the cancellation or rescheduling.
Is FriendFund secure?
Yes. We use Plaid products for account Auth and Stripe for transactions. During the sign up process, FriendFund never receives any new Guest information. Instead, Plaid sends FriendFund a token allowing us to continue the sign up process or not.

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Using the App
How can I download the app?
We're currently in private beta. Sign up below to receive updates when we have more invitations available.
Is FriendFund available on Android?
FriendFund is currently being developed for the Android platform! Join our mailing list at the bottom of this page to get a invite for the beta version!
What if a trip changes or expires?
Trips that have been published to the app are unlikely to change. However, in the event that the details of a trip change prior to it being fully funded, we will notify the traveler of the change at that time. Once a trip is fully funded and booked, any changes to the itinerary would be discussed directly between the traveler and the trip operator.

If a trip expires before it is fully funded the traveler will be prompted to select a new trip or request funds be transferred back to their bank account.
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