Round Ups
Save When You Spend

Automate you Savings

Round Ups bank your change when you swipe your card. That dream vacay gets a little bit closer with each thing you buy.

How Round Ups Work

When you swipe your card for a partial amount (eg. $3.50), we'll round it up to a whole number ($4) and save the change ($0.50). If you do an average of 30 transactions a month, you save around $10. Set up your Round Ups, and forget about them. When you check in a few months later, you'll have a nice little nest egg dedicated to your travels.

Give Round Ups a Boost

Here's the thing - saving on Round Ups alone is a slow going. At $10 a month, it'll be 12 years before you get to go on vacation. That's why you should give your Round Ups a Boost. Add an extra $1, $2, or $5 to each transaction and watch your savings skyrocket. With just $2 per transaction (and 30 transactions a month), you'll save $720 in a single year. Now that'll get you places.

Stop Impulse Spending

Have you ever run low on cash at the end of the month and dipped into your savings to pay for takeout? Your Travel Fund is set apart from regular bank account savings and stored in a secure Stripe account. You can access it - but it'll take three to five days to clear, giving you more than enough time to rethink impulsive spending habits brought on by end-of-month blues and a craving for Chinese food.

One Time Payments

Got birthday money from grandma or a big holiday bonus you want to put away? Quickly send it to your Travel Fund for safekeeping with a One Time payment free of charge.

Recurring Payments

We get it. No one wants to wait 5 years before they go on vacation. That's why we equip you to save faster and travel sooner with recurring payments. Set a customizable amount and automate it to go off weekly, bi-monthly or monthly. Boom. You've just created a foolproof savings system.
Group Discounts
Community saving is now a thing

By Our Powers Combined!

"Traveling solo is cheaper" is a corporate lie. On our trips, you save 30% on average by taking another person with you.

How Groups Work

Every single person added to your trip unlocks the next discount level - and you can add up to 15 people per group (if you go over that, contact us!). Invite your friends via social media, share trips you want to go on, and get everyone on the travel bandwagon. Being a team player means you save AND your friends save.

The Math of Group Discounts

Math. That wonderful, terrible thing they tried to teach us in school. Don't worry, the only geometry you'll struggle with is trying to stuff your carry-on in the overhead compartment. Here's the secret juice of our discount system one simple sentence.

Traveling as 2 will save you 30%* and traveling as 15 saves you ANOTHER 30%*.

With some trips you'll save a little more, some a little less, but it all boils down to one simple truth; you'll save big. Based on the math, your first hurdle is to get a friend, partner, acquaintance or unsuspecting family member to join your trip. With 30% saved, you can stack the discounts by adding more people.

*Percentages are based on the sum average savings of all FriendFund trips. .
Trip Feed
Swipe Through Itineraries and Budgets

Where Inspiration Strikes

Trips listed on FriendFund are sourced and vetted by our passionate travel experts for quality and authenticity.

Scroll the Feed

There's nothing quite as exciting as uninterrupted, endless scrolling and photo-judging. The Trip Feed is the perfect place to find #squadgoals and #dreamvacays. We add new trips as often as we can, so keep checking back for more.

See the Itinerary

You know when travel blogs promise to send you the itenerey in exchange for your email address, a piece of your soul and a chunk of dignity? Yeah, we don't like that either. See the full itinerary by tapping on a trip and scrolling down. Find out what's included, what's not, and the activities for each and every day.

Group Discount Levels

Each trip has a different price tag and different discount levels. Check the maximum discount amount, and see how much you can save by unlocking the next level.
No Obligations, Zero Fees
We don't charge for saving

No Fees, period.

Take money out or put money in at any time.

Zero Fee Policy

Life happens - we get it. Your Travel Fund is there to help in emergency situations. Withdraw what you need, when* you need it. We never charge you a cent. Even deposits and trip payments are 100% free.
* Takes 3-5 working days to clear

No Obligations

We dedicate ourselves to finding trips that match every personality, but if you can't find one for you - no problem. You are not locked in or forced to spend your savings on the FriendFund platform. We pledge to never inconvenience you with annoying time restrictions or hard-to-read Ts&Cs.
Group Travel Planning
Group Travel Minus the Stress

Getaways that don't take months to plan

Stop hassling your friends about savings and plans. Traveling together is fun, easy and cheap.

Someday Shmumday

Ever asked someone to join you on vacation and heard this? "Sounds like fun! I might be able to afford it someday." A non-commital comment like that dooms your group trip before you even get started. Turn the tables and introduce your friends to FriendFund. We'll remind them to save at regular intervals and get them going with our automatic Round Up features. Stop stressing out about other people's Travel Funds and stay on track together.

Share Trips with Friends

You could spend hours sending blog posts and location overviews, but let's be real - most people only read the headlines before they veto your suggestion. Why not skip all the drama, broken dreams and bad information? Share trips directly from FriendFund so your travel group can see all the information at a glance. We include an overview, the itinerary, the cost AND a jaw-dropping photo gallery.
Book Group Trips
Stop acting like a debt collector

We handle deposits and payments.

Group bookings are a nightmare to get right. There's always a few stragglers who don't pay their deposit - or worse, don't pay you back. We handle all that.

Auto Deposit

Each group has a person with superhuman organizing powers. As Spiderman knows, with great power comes great responsibility - unwanted responsibility. Collecting deposits is the reason most group trips fail. Sally doesn't pay her due and the tour is fully booked before you can say "Deposits." On FriendFund, group leaders have it much easier. Once your trip details are confirmed, we automatically grab a 30% deposit from everyone in the group. No one has to collect deposits, pay anyone back, or get upset with their forgetful parents.

Auto Payment

As your trip gets closer, we collect the remaining amount and send it over to the trip provider. Done. It's that simple.
Secured Personal Data
Safety First

We protect you.

Data leaks make the internet world scary. Our security systems makes it safe and easy to understand.

We never see your bank details

Yep, that's right. They never come close to our servers. Here's how it works. We use Plaid to secure all banking connections with tokens. In layman's terms, Plaid connects to your bank account, sends FriendFund an encrypted token that says 'connected' and then FriendFund sends the token to Stripe. Stripe verifies the token and with Plaid, is now connected to your bank account. Both companies have multiple levels of security, and constantly perform tests to improve with every update.

Read more about Plaid's security tests and acess controls…

Read more about Stripe's PCI Service Provider level 1 security…

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